Powered Pallet Truck Training

Powered pallet trucks operate to a very similar principle as hand pallet trucks. The operator slides the forks into the pallet to allow for load bearing. On a powered pallet truck however, the lifting of the load, and truck movement, is powered by the electric motor within the machine.

Typically on most powered pallet trucks, there is a ‘paddle’ control to select forward or reverse direction, and button control to raise or lower the forks.

PPT Training Course

As with all electric powered pallet trucks, the batteries contained within need to be charged. Often, with a powered pallet truck, the truck has an integral charger meaning that it can be plugged straight into the mains without the need for a stand-alone charger.

BITA Categories
A1 – Pedestrian – Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking trucks
A2 – Rider – Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking trucks
A3 – Pedestrian – Counterbalance lift trucks
A4 – Rider – Pallet stackers
A5 – Pedestrian – Pallet stackers
A6 – Pedestrian – Straddle trucks
A7 – Pedestrian – Reach Trucks
A8 – Rider – Reach Trucks

Course content

  • Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, PUWER 98 & LOLER 98
  • Operators Safety code
  • Charging procedures of electric Powered Pallet truck
  • Pre-use checks
  • Factors affecting stability
  • Motive and hydraulic controls of the Powered Pallet Truck
  • Manoeuvring the Forklift Truck in open and confined areas
  • Stacking at different levels
  • De-stacking with laden and un-laden pallets
  • Use of Powered Pallet Truck for unloading lorries

Course assessment

  • Theoretical assessment of 5 open and 20 multiple choice questions, which can be conducted orally where language barriers or literacy difficulties exist.
  • Practical Test of basic operating skills, confirming skills taught on the Forklift training course

Course certification

  • ITSSAR accredited certificate
  • TOPS (Trained Operator Passport Scheme) registration
Course Duration Candidates
Novice 1 – 2 days max 3
Experienced Operator 1 day max 3
Safety Refresher 1 day max 3
Conversion 1 day max 3
Familiarisation 0.5 day max 3
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